Giai thich gium mik cau nay vsthis is the best essay i have ever written never have i written such a good


An essay is used lớn assess the strength of your critical thinking và your ability khổng lồ put that thinking into an academic written form. This resource covers some key considerations when writing an essay at university.

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While reading a student’s essay, markers will ask themselves questions such as:

Does this essay directly address the phối task?Does it present a strong, supported position?Does it use relevant sources appropriately?Is the expression clear, và the style appropriate?Is the essay organised coherently? Is there a clear introduction, body and conclusion?

You can use these questions lớn reflect on your own writing. Here are six đứng đầu tips lớn help you address these criteria.

1. Analyse the question

Student essays are responses to lớn specific questions. As an essay must address the question directly, your first step should be khổng lồ analyse the question. Make sure you know exactly what is being asked of you.

Generally, essay questions contain three component parts:

Content terms: Key concepts that are specific to lớn the taskLimiting terms: The scope that the topic focuses onDirective terms: What you need to vày in relation khổng lồ the content, e.g. Discuss, analyse, define, compare, evaluate.


Simple example

Look at the following essay question:

Discuss the importance of light in Gothic architecture.Content terms: Gothic architectureLimiting terms: the importance of light. If you discussed some other feature of Gothic architecture, for example spires or arches, you would be deviating from what is required. This essay question is limited khổng lồ a discussion of light. Likewise, it asks you to lớn write about the importance of light – not, for example, lớn discuss how light enters Gothic churches.
Complex example

For a more complex question, you can highlight the key words and break it down into a series of sub-questions to make sure you answer all parts of the task. Consider the following question (from Arts):

khổng lồ what extent can the American Revolution be understood as a revolution ‘from below’? Why did working people become involved and with what aims in mind?

The key words here are American Revolution and revolution ‘from below’. This is a view that you would need lớn respond lớn in this essay. This response must focus on the aims & motivations of working people in the revolution, as stated in the second question.

2. Define your argument

As you plan và prepare to lớn write the essay, you must consider what your argument is going lớn be. This means taking an informed position or point of view on the topic presented in the question, then defining và presenting a specific argument.

Consider these two argument statements:

The architectural use of light in Gothic cathedrals physically embodied the significance of light in medieval theology.


In the Gothic cathedral of Cologne, light served to lớn accentuate the authority và ritual centrality of the priest.

Statements like these define an essay’s argument. They give coherence by providing an overarching theme and position towards which the entire essay is directed.

3. Use evidence, reasoning và scholarship

To convince your audience of your argument, you must use evidence và reasoning, which involves referring to & evaluating relevant scholarship.

Evidence provides concrete information to support your claim. It typically consists of specific examples, facts, quotations, statistics & illustrations.Reasoning connects the evidence to your argument. Rather than citing evidence like a shopping list, you need lớn evaluate the evidence & show how it supports your argument.Scholarship is used lớn show how your argument relates lớn what has been written on the topic (citing specific works). Scholarship can be used as part of your evidence và reasoning to tư vấn your argument.

4. Organise a coherent essay

An essay has three basic components - introduction, body toàn thân and conclusion.

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The purpose of an introduction is khổng lồ introduce your essay. It typically presents information in the following order:

A general statement about the topic that provides context for your argumentA thesis statement showing your argument. You can use explicit lead-ins, such as ‘This essay argues that...’A ‘road map’ of the essay, telling the reader how it is going to present and develop your argument.Example introductionQuestion

"To what extent can the American Revolution be understood as a revolution ‘from below’? Why did working people become involved & with what aims in mind?"


Historians generally concentrate on the twenty-year period between 1763 & 1783 as the period which constitutes the American Revolution . However, when considering the involvement of working people, or people from below, in the revolution it is important lớn make a distinction between the pre-revolutionary period 1763-1774 & the revolutionary period 1774-1788, marked by the establishment of the continental Congress(1) . This paper will argue that the nature and aims of the actions of working people are difficult khổng lồ assess as it changed according to lớn each phase . The pre-revolutionary period was characterised by opposition lớn Britain’s authority. During this period the aims and actions of the working people were more conservative as they responded to lớn grievances related to lớn taxes and scarce land, issues which directly affected them. However, examination of activities such as the organisation of crowd action and town meetings, pamphlet writing, formal communications khổng lồ Britain of American grievances và physical kích hoạt in the streets, demonstrates that their aims và actions became more revolutionary after 1775 .

Your conclusion should not offer any new material. Your evidence and argumentation should have been made clear to the reader in the body of the essay.

Use the conclusion to lớn briefly restate the main argumentative position and provide a short summary of the themes discussed. In addition, also consider telling your reader:

What the significance of your findings, or the implications of your conclusion, might beWhether there are other factors which need to lớn be looked at, but which were outside the scope of the essayHow your topic liên kết to the wider context (‘bigger picture’) in your discipline.

Do not simply repeat yourself in this section. A conclusion which merely summarises is repetitive and reduces the impact of your paper.

Example conclusionQuestion

"To what extent can the American Revolution be understood as a revolution ‘from below’? Why did working people become involved và with what aims in mind?"


Although, to a large extent, the working class were mainly those in the forefront of crowd kích hoạt and they also led the revolts against wealthy plantation farmers, the American Revolution was not a class struggle . Working people participated because the issues directly affected them – the threat posed by powerful landowners và the tyranny Britain represented. Whereas the aims và actions of the working classes were more concerned with resistance khổng lồ British rule during the pre-revolutionary period, they became more revolutionary in nature after 1775 when the tension with Britain escalated . With this shift, a change in ideas occurred. In terms of considering the Revolution as a whole range of activities such as organising riots, communicating lớn Britain, attendance at town hall meetings and pamphlet writing, a difficulty emerges in that all classes were involved. Therefore, it is impossible to lớn assess the extent khổng lồ which a single group such as working people contributed to lớn the American Revolution .

5. Write clearly

An essay that makes good, evidence-supported points will only receive a high grade if it is written clearly. Clarity is produced through careful revision & editing, which can turn a good essay into an excellent one.

When you edit your essay, try khổng lồ view it with fresh eyes – almost as if someone else had written it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Overall structure

Have you clearly stated your argument in your introduction?Does the actual structure correspond to the ‘road map’ set out in your introduction?Have you clearly indicated how your main points tư vấn your argument?Have you clearly signposted the transitions between each of your main points for your reader?


Does each paragraph introduce one main idea?Does every sentence in the paragraph tư vấn that main idea?Does each paragraph display relevant evidence và reasoning?Does each paragraph logically follow on from the one before it?


Is each sentence grammatically complete?Is the spelling correct?Is the liên kết between sentences clear lớn your readers?Have you avoided redundancy & repetition?

See more about editing on ourediting your writing page.

6. Cite sources và evidence

Finally, kiểm tra your citations to lớn make sure that they are accurate và complete. Some faculties require you to use a specific citation style (e.g. APA) while others may allow you khổng lồ choose a preferred one. Whatever style you use, you must follow its guidelines correctly & consistently. You can use Recite, the University of Melbourne style guide, to check your citations.

Further resources

Germov, J. (2011). Get great marks for your essays, reports & presentations (3rd ed.). NSW: Allen & Unwin.Using English for Academic Purposes: A guide for in Higher Education . Retrieved January 2020 from http://www.uefap.comWilliams, J.M. Và Colomb, G. G. (2010) Style: Lessons in clarity and grace. 10th ed. New York: Longman.

* Example introduction và conclusion adapted from a student paper.

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